Ceasefire: Advanced versatile artificial intelligence technologies and interconnected cross-sectoral fully-operational national focal points for combating illicit firearms trafficking

Firearms trafficking holds a prominent position at the forefront of the organized crime activities in Europe. Ceasefire will develop a highly innovative, holistic, multi-disciplinary, high-tech and versatile approach for aiding EU Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) in their struggle to detect, analyze and track cross-border illicit firearms trafficking. It will deliver relevant, advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and will establish fully-operational National Focal Points (NFPs), aiming to increase LEA operational capabilities and alleviate existing organizational, cooperation, cross-jurisdictional, trans-border and information exchange challenges.

Strategic Pillars

Development of new, innovative, advanced, AI-empowered technologies to boost LEA authorities in tackling firearms trafficking criminal activities
Enhancement of trans-national, cross-disciplinary, multi-agency, operational cooperation and information exchange among (EU and third country) LEAs for achieving reduced diversion of firearms into criminal hands in Europe
Criminological analysis of the phenomenon and compliance with European legal, ethical, societal and privacy values/legislation
Foster the adoption of advanced technologies in current operational environments, through the detailed design of hackathons, training activities and pilot studies
Intense dissemination and community building activities, as well as preparation of comprehensive business plans of the project tools and services