Scientific publications

CEASEFIRE innovation often necessitates research, unavoidably leading to novel scientific contributions that are being peer-reviewed and, if accepted, published in the form of papers within the proceedings of scientific conferences (following in-person presentation) or in academic journals. The CEASEFIRE papers that have been published up to now are the following ones:
1.G. Batsis, I. Mademlis, G. Th. PapadopoulosIllicit item detection in X-ray images for security applicationsieeexplore.ieee.orgarxiv.org
2.I. Mademlis, G. Batsis, A. A. R. Chrysochoou, G. Th. PapadopoulosVisual inspection for illicit items in X-ray images using Deep Learningieeexplore.ieee.orgarxiv.org
3.S. Konstantakos, D. I. Chalkiadaki, I. Mademlis, A. A. R. Chrysochoou, G. Th. PapadopoulosSelf-supervised visual learning for analyzing firearms trafficking activities on the Webieeexplore.ieee.orgarxiv.org
4.A. K. Blitsi, G. Stavropoulos, K. VotisVision Paper: Uncovering Illegal Firearm Transactions in Cryptocurrency Networksieeexplore.ieee.org 
5.M. Makrynioti, C. Porlou, A. Alexiadis, G. Stavropoulos, K. Votis, D. TzovarasUnveiling Conversational Patterns: Intent Classification and Clustering in Reddit’s Firearm Trade Communityieeexplore.ieee.org 
6.G. Chatzimarkaki, S. Karagiorgou, M. Konidi, D. Alexandrou, T. Bouras, S. EvangelatosHarvesting Large Textual and Multimedia Data to Detect Illegal Activities on Dark Web Marketplacesieeexplore.ieee.org 
7.I. Mademlis, M. Mancuso, C. Paternoster, S. Evangelatos, E. Finlay, J. Hughes, P. Radoglou-Grammatikis, P. Sarigiannidis, G. Stavropoulos, K. Votis and G. Th. PapadopoulosThe invisible arms race: digital trends in illicit goods trafficking and AI-enabled responses techrxiv.org
8.T. Malon, S. Chambon, A. Crouzil, L. Lechelek, G. Jalabert, C. Brocard, N. Bernadeau, L. Abadie, B. Sera, T. Hartmann, M. Le BrasCeasefire Hierarchical Weapon Datasetdl.acm.orgzenodo.org
9.C. Andreeva, F. Trevisan, G. AnagnostakiInvestigating firearms trafficking in Europe: tackling old issues with new structures?  
10.J. Cani, I. Mademlis, A. A. R. Chrysochoou, G. Th. Papadopoulosllicit object detection in X-ray images using Vision Transformers arxiv.org
11.S. Konstantakos, I. Mademlis, Y.M. Asano , E. Gavves, G.T. PapadopoulosSelf-supervised visual learning in the low-data regime: a comparative evaluation arxiv.org
12.I. Mademlis, J. Cani, M. Mancuso, C, Paternoster, E. Adamakis, G. Margetis, S. Chambon, A. Crouzil, L. Lechek, G. Dede, S. Evangelatos, G. Lalas, F. Mignet, P. Linardatos, K. Kentrotis, H. Gierszal, P. Tyczka, S. Karagiorgou, G. Pantelis, G. Stavropoulos, K. Votis, G. Th. PapadopoulosCEASEFIRE: An AI-powered system for combatting illicit firearms trafficking arxiv.org
13.Christophe Pantel, Sylvie ChambonIntégration des relations de composition / décomposition pour la segmentation d’objets en considérant les sous-parties et une classification hiérarchique  
14.P. Alaimisis, I. Mademlis, P. Radoglou-Grammatakis, P. Sarigiannidis, G. Th. PapadopoulosAdvances in Diffusion Models for Image Data Augmentation: A Review of Methods, Models, Evaluation Metrics and Future Research Directions arxiv.org
15.M. Linardakis, I. Varlamis, G. Th. PapadopoulosDistributed maze exploration using multiple agents and optimal goal assignment arxiv.org
16.M. Linardakis, I. Varlamis, G. Th. PapadopoulosMulti-robot maze exploration using an efficient cost-utility method